Olly Richards – 101 Essential German Verbs (30-Day German Challenge)

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Olly Richards – 101 Essential German Verbs (30-Day German Challenge)

Does your lack of verbs stop you from expressing yourself confidently in German?

Do you regularly find yourself stumbling over verb conjugations and just “having a guess” which form to use?

You’re not alone!

German learners the world over have a hard time mastering enough verbs to express themselves like intelligent adults in real-life, “non-scripted” conversations.

The result?

You’re stuck in the dreaded “quicksand” of basic German.

You can hold your own and manage reasonably well in German in certain basic situations….

… but when it comes to maintaining real, spontaneous conversations on a diverse range of topics… you simply can’t keep up or express yourself clearly!

The prime culprit: German verbs.

Verbs are the most important building block of any language because we use them to express actions.

So anything other than a rock-solid knowledge of a wide-range of German verbs ain’t gonna cut the mustard.

Here’s the truth:

These are the verbs that really unlock your speaking and bring life to your German conversations.

Because they allow you to express yourself in a more eloquent and nuanced way, and in a wider variety of situations.

That’s why I’ve created this unique 30-Day Challenge – “101 Essential German Verbs”.

This challenge will help you master 101 essential German verbs in all tenses in just 30 days, so you can express yourself confidently in German in any context!

No more frustrating silences.

No more embarrassing verb conjugation mistakes.

And most importantly… no more “surface-level only” German conversations.

By the end of this challenge, you’ll be armed with a wide range of German verbs and know how to use them confidently in any verb tense, so you can start enjoying truly meaningful conversations with native German speakers, no matter the context.

Introducing the September Challenge:

“101 Essential German Verbs”

Here’s how the challenge works.

The challenge is based on an exciting original story in German that develops over the 30 days of the challenge.

This is a brand new story, written exclusively for this 30-Day Challenge.

We’ve created the story to be jam-packed with hundreds of examples of the most important German verbs in ALL tenses.

Every day, you’ll receive one new chapter of the story, along with an insightful video lesson and simple exercises to help you understand how these German verbs work in the story.

It’ll take you about 15 minutes each day.

All you have to do is show up every day…

Over the course of the month, the daily immersion will help you absorb 101 fluency-boosting German verbs naturally, until they just “sound right” and you can use them instinctively and confidently to bring life to your spoken German.

The result is that you’ll be able to speak and understand German confidently without worrying about making mistakes or getting stuck for words.

You’ll be able to speak German more freedom and fluency, because the verbs you need will already be where you need them – on the tip of your tongue!

Here’s What’s Included…

The concept is beautifully simple!

Every day, for 30 days, you’ll get:

  • One 250-word chapter of our German story (jam-packed with examples of essential German verbs in context)
  • The written story plus audio book (so you can read or listen…wherever you are!)
  • An insightful daily video lesson with our instructor, Logan. (He’ll explain the different verbs used in the story)
  • A short daily practice exercise (to help you remember what you’ve learned)
  • Discussion with dozens of fellow challengers in our interactive Facebook group (so you can discuss the story and get answers to questions).

We’ve carefully structured the entire 30 days, so all you have to do is turn up and get stuck in!

Ready to get started?

If you’d like to join us on the challenge, then here’s the key info you need:

  • Start date: September 1st
  • Daily time required: 15 minutes
  • Total commitment: 30 days
  • Level: A2/B1 (upper beginner/lower intermediate)

The investment in the challenge is only $97 – the same as just a couple of lessons with a professional teacher.

Everything you need is included – all materials (written and audio), all video lessons and activities, plus the exciting community for discussion on the story and 101 German verbs.

Click the “enrol” button to sign up now.

(You’ll find the first lesson ready and waiting for you in the member area… just to whet your appetite!)

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