LJ Johnson – Onsite vs. Offsite

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LJ Johnson – Onsite vs. Offsite

Learn about all the differences between staying on and off Disney World property!

Are you interested in making the most of your time at Walt Disney World?

Do you want to make sure spend the LEAST amount of time possible waiting in lines?

Whether this is your first time to Disney World or you’ve been a bunch of times before, reducing your time waiting in lines is a MAJOR way to maximize the memories!
When aiming to minimize your wait times, there are actually a lot of things to consider:
  • Choosing the right dates and park days
  • Choosing the right FastPasses
  • Maximizing your scheduled and unscheduled FastPasses
  • Becoming a Rider Switch Ninja
  • And so much more!

Really, there are SO MANY ways to make sure you spend less time in line!

That is why we’ve created this amazingly helpful course, Minniemizing Wait Times. We’ll walk through all of these details and answer every question. At completion, I promise you’ll feel like a total Disney World Pro.
Trust me – If you’re ready to maximize your time, Minniemizing Wait Times is for YOU!
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Your Instructor

LJ Johnson

Course Curriculum

Week One
  • 1. Printable: Intro to Onsite vs. Offsite
  • 2. Audio: Case Study – LJ Goes from a Hardcore Offsiter to a Die-Hard Onsiter
Week Two
  • 3. Quiz: Which Onsite Perks Matters Most to Your Family (And Is It Enough to Make You Want to Stay Onsite)?
  • 4. Video and Info Sheet: Transportation
Week Three
  • 5. Printable: Good Neighbor Hotels
  • 6. Worksheet: Will Onsite or Offsite Cost You More?
Week Four
  • 7. Audio: When I Do Recommend Offsite

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