LJ Johnson – Making Disney Happen

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LJ Johnson – Making Disney Happen

Learn all about budgeting and saving so you can make your dream trip happen soon!

Are you ready to make your Disney dreams a reality?

Do you want to learn how to budget and save so your trip can happen soon?
I’m right there with you. Disney dreams are REAL!
For a lot of people, the cost of a Disney vacation is nothing to lightly toss around. Everything adds up quickly, so breaking it all down can make all the difference.
Some of the top questions asked by people interested in making their Disney dreams a reality are:
  • How much will it really cost?
  • Where can I cut costs so we can go sooner?
  • Where are the extra hidden costs?
  • Is there any flexibility in how much I decide to pay now versus later?
Really, there’s SO MUCH you can do to make Disney happen!
That is why we’ve created this amazingly helpful course, Making Disney Happen in 2020. We’ll walk through all of these details and answer every question. At completion, I promise you’ll feel like a total Disney Planning Pro.
Trust me – If you’re feeling unsure, Making Disney Happen in 2020 is for YOU!
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Your Instructor

LJ Johnson

Course Curriculum

Week One
  • 1. Audio: Getting ed – Making Disney Happen
  • 2. Quiz: Choosing Your Dates
Week Two
  • 3. Printable: Choosing Your Resort
  • 4. Printable: Planning for Travel Costs
Week Three
  • 5. Printable: Planning for Food Costs
  • 6. Printable: Budgeting for Your Ideal Trip
Week Four
  • 7. Audio: Saving Money with Discounted Gift Cards
  • 8. Printable: Getting Your $200 Deposit Together
  • Bonus. Printable: Saving on Life and Applying it to Disney

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