LJ Johnson – All-Star Sports Resort

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LJ Johnson – All-Star Sports Resort

Learn about this sports-themed Value Resort!

Are you considering a stay at Walt Disney World’s All-Star Sports Resort?

Do you want to make sure your trip is as magical as possible?
Trust me; I get it! No matter how many times (and it’s been a LOT) I go to Disney World, I always want to make sure it’s an amazing experience. And let me tell you – the resort you stay at plays a large role in that magic!
Taking the time to really learn the ins and outs of a resort allows you to maximize your fun. Each resort is specially themed and has something unique to offer.
If you’re thinking about All-Star Sports, and want to learn more, I can help!
When it comes to a stay at All-Star Sports, there are a lot of things to consider:
  • Will you enjoy the resort’s theme?
  • What are the on-site food options?
  • What are the transportation options?
  • What are the pools like?
  • Will you take advantage of any extra resort activities?
Really, there’s SO MUCH more to consider than you may realize!
That is why we’ve created this amazingly helpful course, All-Star Sports. We’ll walk through all of these details and answer every question. At completion, I promise you’ll feel like a total All-Star Sports Pro.
Trust me – If you’re feeling unsure, All-Star Sports is for YOU!
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Your Instructor

LJ Johnson

Course Curriculum

Week One
  • 1. Video: All-Star Sports Tour
  • 2. Printable: Intro to All-Star Sports
Week Two
  • 3. Printable: Transportation – All-Star Sports
  • 4. Audio: My Experience at All-Star Sports
Week Three
  • 5. Video and Printable: Room Request
  • 6. Quiz: Should I Get a Preferred Room?
Week Four
  • 7. Printable: Food Options at All-Star Sports
  • 8. Trello Board: Things To Do At All-Star Sports

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