Dr. Keesha Ewers – Stress Busting Tool Kit

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Dr. Keesha Ewers – Stress Busting Tool Kit

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Customer Reviews

“.. I’ve been thinking about what could account for this after more than a year of these symptoms. I am already gluten free, dairy, soy, eggs, corn free. Limited grains and legumes. I was doing my Autogenic Training session and it occurred to me the Autogenic Training is making the difference. My feet feel much better as well.” – Kim C.

“It really helps me to say hello to the anxiety and then go on about my business. Then it doesn’t have the power over me like it did before! Your “Stress Busting Took Kit” is also a HUGE help as well as your book and the ways it offers to work through our emotions. I’m on the wonderful journey of creating the rest of my life! Thank you for being a treasured part of that! You really speak to and move me. I’m here to stay!.” – Lydia Chasen

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